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“Mai Chau HideAway” – Green Paradise in the heart of Hoa Binh Lake
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“Mai Chau HideAway” is the unique ecological resort in the heart of Hoa Binh Lake. Come with us, you can feel the freedom, tranquility and relaxing thanks to the large green space-the green of wide-open nature with lake, trees, and space of mountains and forests.

Our resort is a flawless picture of architecture and construction art. Basing on the rustic style in the 60s of the 20th century, all the rustic rooms here are simple but no less modern. We combine modern facilities with simple colors and open windows with natural light to create sense of comfort, peace as well as relaxation for the visitors.

There are five rustic stilt-houses zones where you could fully enjoy all the cultural feature of ethnic minority communities in the northern mountainous area of Viet Nam like Thai, Muong, Dzao, Hmong. According to the frame of the ancient wooden stilt-houses in Hoa Binh area, we have renovated in decoration and construction to build this ecological resort with international standards.

Mai Chau restaurant with rustic bamboo design as well as special dishes is also a special highlight in our resort.

Besides, you could take part in many activities such as doing yoga, kayaking in the heart of Hoa Binh Lake, joining cooking class or relaxing at our spa… These are created for the purpose of fun and excitement during your stay here.

An infinity pool close up the edge of Hoa Binh Lake is built and decorated by natural stone. This is an ideal place to enjoy the sun as well as the perfect view over the lake while immersing yourself in the blue water or relaxing on the sunbeds around the pools, along with small tables and umbrellas. Experience these moments of delight and refresh yourself.

Mai Chau HideAway” is built for the nature lovers and express a desire to help each traveler “discover”, “relax” and “enjoy the peaceful moment away from the noise of the city and anxiety of life”.

Let come to “Mai Chau HideAway” and enjoy a great holiday. You will easily feel the hospitality, smile and professional services of the staffs here.

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